February 1, 2018


Tschunk [ˈtʃʊnk] (pictured above) is a German cocktail consisting of Club-Mate and white or brown rum. It is usually served with limes and cane or brown sugar. It makes you look like this:

November 20, 2017

Doggos of Creative Dentistry

Last May we did our first—highly successful—balkan tour. While travelling around nice countries we had the priceless opportunity to meet and hang around with some really awesome doggos.

Here is a fine selection of them.

Most Beautiful Babe!

Brothers from another mother.
Best hostess Bella.

Thicc Potato. Second pic, him after tasting a slice of ham. Or manna to his eyes.


Working hard unlike our sound guy.

Late night serbian pupper.

Not all cats are bastards.


Miss you all!
—Last Rizla

August 12, 2015

Into the Limbo 2015

Last weekend we went to tropical Cyprus. We had a great time at the Into the Limbo Festival at the deserted and desertish Agios Sozomenos village where there was a wide variety of sandwiches, pitas and icecream. We met good old friends and met new ones. Big thanks to Undersound, Lord 13, Ladderman, Crash 'n' Burn and Isla Fortuna. Afterwards we had an awesome night at Nicosia with haloumi and lahmacun.

Η genarator!

Μισός God!


Στο airdrome.

St. Sozomenus.

Thank you!

May 26, 2015

Summertime with the Seamen

We ve been deathly quiet for 7 months and then we played this at Stoa Emporwn, Athens. It was uber awesome & loud. Thank you for coming! You can admire choko's performance that night at the photo below.

During summer, we are going to play at two really big islands: Creta & Cyprus. We are thrilled! We will have Stavros "veldamor" Papagiannis with us and ofcourse, Orestinho. We are working on some acid reggae grooves for you...