May 31, 2012

Recording and Sleeping with Last Rizla pt.3

Morning was full of flying spinach pies, dinosaurs eating them and a giant vagina room without windows.. but only in my dreams, cause guys did an early morning session and they didn' t want to wake me up. So they had a second killer take on "tsimento" and some guitarish overdubs.

With chill & stressy mood, afternoon was an overdub holocaust. Choko did some great work with huge sound and effects and Kostis some additional leads. Greg also did some drummers work. Thank god that we didn' t have a cajon..

So finally the recordings are over. Tonight is the first gig at "apyra mwria" and we have to carry some of the equipment to the venue. The second gig is on sunday at "YOL".

A couple of posts will hopefully come after the shows.

Till then,
Cha Cha Cha!