May 30, 2012

Recording and Living with Last Rizla pt.2

After some ear-biting dogs and some nuclear mosquitos we are ready for..
Day two. TOday is THE day.Time for Last Rizla's ritual rock to be unleashed.

Panos and Mister(Bad Trip) do some really good work. I am really excited with the stuff and how it sounds. We also had a visitor today, my bandmate and good friend WoodMan. The song with the code name "tsimento" is almost done. And the skeleton of  "Indianiko" song is ready too.

The afternoon was ultra chillin and belly full-in.
Back in the studio for a night recording session. Greg is playing really hard tonight!
He must be drinking gazoline when we are not looking.

The guys keep the best for the end. Watching them recording "As the sun is masked" was an extrava-ganj experience. The empty venue was really spooky for some moments. The neurotic style of the song almost hypnotizes you. Some of the overdubs also done today.

It's time to sleep. Goodnight people. Or goodmorning. Whatever.