December 25, 2013

Jesus Rajon - Χριστός Ραχών

This was the toughest 'till now.. We had to carry all of our stuff by hand to Ikaria!
We did it! After 11 hours in the boat we finally got there. Phoebus took us from the port to Sknipa Rock bar with a luxurious van!
We ve been "rewarded" with beer, shots, fire, billiard! and an endless makaronada me kima~! YEAH

The next day we had to set up everything for the gig. We sound checked, we "built" a primitive stool, we were ready.. Lots of thanx to Christoforos! The place was empty until 23.00. All of a sudden, Sknipa filled up with furious Ikarians, so we had to start.

For the first time, we played our ritual rock n roll in front of a fireplace. Then Monovine took over and made some asses movin' to their fast and noisy grunge tunes.  Then we jammed (jams after gigs always suck, but at the time - and when you are drunk - it seems like a really cool idea!) and then we party!! until 8 in the morning.. We got totally wasted, we slept, we woke up, we ate, Phoebus took us back to the port, we arrived at our beloved Athens on Monday morning.

We had the best time and we are planning to come back during the summer for some hammock action!
We would like to thank Phoebus, Aggelis, Sknipa Crew, Monovine, Orestis, Leontara, Evita, Dokoro and Olga for such a nice weekend!

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